Imperialists Constructed Stereotypes & Distorted Views of Africa

In reflection to this blog, I had a privilege of watching the new movie "12 Years Of Slave." I think it should be a must watch for all Ugandans. For many reasons. As someone who has lived in the Southern United States for close to 10 years, I witnessed how the Christian right, used the Bible to enslave the minds of African-Americans our very own ancestors. Having returned home, I now see a clear correlation between the evangelical movement from the same place-Southern USA with the evangelical,Bible preaching, fire spitting, gay bashing, charity obsessed, and white savior complex models of Christianity in our very own Uganda. If you get a chance to watch this movie, “12 Years of Slave” with a critical lens, you will see how the same conservative, Christian Right,really used the Bible to beat it on the heads of African-slaves and to psychologically beat them into surrender and obedience to their masters in the South. Ironically, the same scriptures that were carefully picked from the Bible, I have heard them used here over, and over, in our very own churches. You can also clearly see the same slave/colonial vestiges of power, and stereotypical imagery of Africans in todays modern aid, and Christian charity industrial complex. I wish us as Africans could have a debate, and an intellectually safe and free of emotion conversation about these Western Religions and their role in keeping us Africans subdued, patronized, and dependent on their own religious, social, and economic systems. I could say more, but these are just my reflections having lived a life of rural cow-herder in Western Ugandan, a Kampala, high school youth, and an “American-black southerner” for the last 10 years. 

Thoughts, your comments, and critiques are welcome. I would love u all present and future African empowered leaders to start deep and critical, spiritual and intellectual and moral leadership conversations of what makes us who we are and what influences who we truly are or aspire to be as Africans in this modern age.