"Retelling the story of Mwanga II, Buganda’s last independent king" Via The Daily Monitor Uganda"

The double-storeyed house owned by Mwanga II, the Kabaka of Buganda who fought diplomatic, political and military battles to preserve his kingdom from colonialists. He died a prisoner far away from his country in Seychelles.

This led to the invention of the idea of a European Civilisation that sprung independently from its own roots, in Ancient Greece and as an idea was developed to its highest academic formalisation from the 1830s.

In the process, the inconvenient fact -backed by much evidence from earlier European and Greek intellectuals themselves- that Ancient Greece’s civilisation was seeded by, and drank heavily from the fountains of, the much older, black African Egyptian one had to therefore be obscured. These are the roots of anti-African racism, and of politically-driven western academia.

In the more contemporary form, they sought to abolish the idea that there could be coherence in the motives and actions of any native figure from African history. The English Africanist Basil Davidson provides the example of 1920s Oxford Professor of Colonial History H. E. Egerton defending colonialism, which he described as “the introduction of order on to blank, uninteresting, brutal barbarism”, as “the right way… of dealing with the native problem”. It is Orientalism on amphetamines….

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